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♫~Love-tune tune~♫
[Translation] Love-tune - Duet 2016.12 
21st-Nov-2016 11:12 pm
[Translation] Love-tune - Duet 2016.12

This was so cute to read, since I'm a huge fan of hot drinks and hearing the jrs talk about each other (especially hearing anyone talk about Keigo!)^^ The pictures are also way too lovely, so I hope you all enjoy this♥
*Just a reminder that everything I translate comes from yoshiko-mama's scans ^^/

Duet 2016.12
"Hot & Sweet"

Hagiya Keigo

<Hot Drink> I like chamomile tea. During Johnny’s World last year, I was drinking it every day. My mom said “It has antibacterial properties so it’ll protect you from catching a cold” and put it in a thermos for me. I’m glad she did, since it smells nice and calms me down. I don’t know if it’s from that, but recently I’ve understood the appeal of tea! I’ve come to drink tea more than coffee. But with both coffee and tea, it has to be hot. I don’t like the watery taste that comes when a drink is iced.

<Thing that relaxes your heart> Whenever I see Moro I’m relieved. He feels like a supplement for my heart (laugh). He does funny things, but more than that, just by being there I feel like he loosens up the atmosphere. Yeah~. There’s nothing besides that~. The busyness has calmed down, but even though I have time I don’t know what to do with it, so my heart is restless. That’s why, I’m currently looking for relaxing things.

<Hot Jr.> If we’re speaking of members, it’s Nagatsu (Nagatsuma). Because every day he’s sweating. He seems the hottest when he’s sticking to Moro. I mean, they're sweltering (laugh). The one with a warm heart is Abe Ryohei-kun. He’s kind and he’s taken me under his wing.

Yasui Kentaro

<Hot Drink> I like hot drinks! I like cocoa and café lattes, and I often drink café mochas with white chocolate syrup added. Also, whenever I eat cake I want to drink straight red tea. At home I make hot milk often. It’s really good if you add honey!

<Thing that relaxes your heart> During the stage play Dream Boys, I went out to eat with Miyata (Toshiya)-kun for the first time. He took Love-tune out, and me, Moro, and Miyata-kun went to a yakiniku shop as the three of us. He said “Even after the play ends let’s go eat together again!” and we were able to talk about various things, so it was fun. He’s seriously really kind, it warmed my heart. Senga (Kento)-kun also invited me out to eat a lot. He kindly gave me advice, thought we were funny and laughed with us. I was really happy the gap between us narrowed!

<Hot Jr.> Hagi-chan. Especially when he’s sleepy, his body gets really really hot. He’s like a baby (laugh). Moro and Sanapi are muscular, but Aran, Nagatsu and Myuto are too small, so if I want to cling to someone during the winter I think Hagi-chan’s softness and warmth is just right (laugh).
Oh my gosh this is just the most adorable thing ever, I can't even handle it >///<♥

Sanada Yuma

<Hot Drink> Recently, I’ve been drinking a lot of hot water with honey in order to take care of my throat. I also like café lattes and herbal tea so I often drink that too. Also, when it becomes winter, the thing that I definitely want to drink is clam chowder. I like soup. I want to drink soup to the extent that when I eat nabe, I get seconds of the broth (laugh).

<Thing that relaxes your heart> When I come home and my toypoodle Sasuke comes to greet me, I feel relieved. The other day, I felt so loved that I hugged him without thinking! I have a lot of pictures and videos of Sasuke on my phone. He’s two right now, but I have videos of him as a puppy when he first came to our house, so when I’m tired I watch those. Seriously, he is just so incredibly cute!! (laugh).

<Hot Jr.> Maybe me. Since my muscles are just the right firmness and I’m thick, if you were hugged by me I think it’d be warm! (laugh) Moro is the one who’s heart is constantly warm. When the members want someone to listen to them they naturally go to Moro. He’ll stay warmly by your side and he’s broad minded. He’s kind whenever you’re with him, I’ve never seen anyone who’s more of a good guy than Moro!
This is also way too adorable, why is Love-tune just so sweet♥

Morita Myuto

<Hot Drink> Basically I like transparent drinks! More than things with a dark color like cocoa and coffee, I like things with a light feeling like raspberry tea. That’s why even though straight red tea is good, I don’t really like milk tea (laugh). I also drink jasmine tea a lot. It has a nice smell and it’s relaxing.

<Thing that relaxes your heart> Recently I’m feeling the kindness of Love-tune and Travis Japan members. Since I appear in two group’s songs on Shounen Club, everyone tells me what was decided when I wasn’t there, and I’m really grateful for how they always help me out. At home, since I can see my beloved brother who’s five years younger than me, I’m relaxed. Seriously, he’s so cute his existence is like an angel! (laugh). If there’s time we go on walks to places nearby, and I want to play soccer with him.

<Hot Jr.> Chaka-chan (Miyachika) seems like his body temperature is high. Since he sweats a lot even when singing a ballad, I think he’s probably warm. Kaji (Kajiyama) has dark skin so it collects sunlight… rather than hot, he’s sweltering! (laugh). Also, I think Sanapi has a warm heart. He properly watches the people around him, and he looks out for me and worries about me.

Morohoshi Shoki

<Hot Drink> I’ve realized kelp tea’s deliciousness again. When I went to an acquaintance’s house they brought it out for me. It was incredibly delicious and I felt so happy. Without thinking, I accidently yelled “So good!!” in a loud voice (laugh). It was when I was a bit tired, so the time was perfect too. Normally I drink tea and coffee. Instead of black, I like my coffee a little sweet!

<Thing that relaxes your heart> Whenever I see Nagatsu being playful like a giant dog, I always feel relaxed. I think, “I want him to stay like this and never change.” Not just Nagatsu, but all the members are soothing to me. In the dressing room for Dream Boys, Ken-chan and Nagatsu were sleeping in a futon together, Sanapi was sprawled out, Aran was sleeping in a tiny corner… even in the way they sleep, everyone has their own personalities. When I woke up before everyone and saw their sleeping faces, I felt at ease and thought “Somehow this is cute.”

<Hot Jr.> Probably me. Since even when I’m in the dressing room, various people often tell me “Moro, somehow you’re hot!” (laugh). My normal temperature is 35 degrees Celsius so that isn’t very high, but since I sweat a lot I may seem hot.

Nagatsuma Reo

<Hot Drink> I like hot cocoa because it’s sweet and warms up my stomach when I drink it. I also drink miso soup every morning. I like shellfish, so fish and clam miso soup makes me excited Miso soup also gradually~ warms my stomach, so it’s relaxing.

<Thing that relaxes your heart> Working with Tamamori (Yuta)-kun in Dream Boys! Through a paper cup, I used magic to write Tamamori-kun’s name and draw his portrait*. At first, he threw it away saying “My head is not this helmet-like!” (laugh). But around the 3rd day, he put up a picture of the paper cup on Johnny’s Web’s blog. I was so happy!
*Sorry, I’m not sure what he actually did so I don’t know how to translate it -.-;

<Hot Jr.> Me! My temperature is normally about 36.8 degrees Celsius. I feel like I sweat more than other people. Just by wearing a knit hat on the shinkansen, I was sweating (laugh). If it’s outside the members, it’s Nagase Ren. Because we often sweat when we do things together, like playing ping pong and eating ramen. But I think I sweat more. I wonder if I’m the champion of sweating within the Jrs. (laugh). The member with a warm heart is Yasui-kun. He’s kind and he really looks out for those around him.

Abe Aran

<Hot Drink> I love coffee! I’m the black type. When I drink coffee, my heart is refreshed and is a change of pace. I’m obsessed with eating sweet snacks with it too. It makes the bitterness of the coffee better so it’s delicious to drink. But I can’t drink hot things, so it has to be pretty cool or I can’t drink it (laugh). Sometime I add water to cool things off… it weakens the taste though. I like adding ginger and honey to chai tea. It’s warm and it’s good for your throat.

<Thing that relaxes your heart> When we went to eat yakiniku after ABC-Z’s concert in Osaka ended, I ended up sitting with Hashimoto (Ryosuke)-kun and Moro. I’m shy with strangers so I was just kind of there without saying anything, but Hashimoto-kun asked me questions and cooked the meat for us. Yakiniku heated up my body and Hashimoto-kun’s kindness made my heart relax.

<Hot Jr.> The one with high body temperature is Nagatsuma! There are times when I can feel Nagatsuma’s heat when he comes close to me (laugh). If it’s within the members, the one with a warm heart is Sanada-kun. It’s nice that he’s the big brother type and takes care of people. He goes out to eat with me and praises me. If it’s within the Jrs, (Matsumura) Hokuto-kun. He seems cool, but surprisingly he’s talkative and friendly (laugh).

Comments are appreciated! Any specific translation requests are also welcome~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

★It's okay to share this translation with junior fans but do not repost without a link or proper credit. I've had my translations stolen before, so don't do that! Thanks~★
22nd-Nov-2016 06:41 am (UTC)
thanks for translating! Didn't Yasui say that about Hagi-chan in another magazine? And it seems like Yasui has a rival within the group for the oniichan position!!! o.O haha
22nd-Nov-2016 10:23 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! Did he? It's no fair for him to say those sorts of things, it just makes me want to snuggle Keigo XD♥ The older boys are really so sweet, they all make great oniichans~
22nd-Nov-2016 10:04 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for this^^ I love this group so much, they're all so cute and funny, and together they are like a big family :D
22nd-Nov-2016 10:24 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I agree, it makes me look forward to everything they'll do next~ ^^
22nd-Nov-2016 01:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the lovely translation ♥

And Reo's paper cup drawing XD

22nd-Nov-2016 10:26 pm (UTC)
You're welcome~♥ ^^

Oh my goodness, that is so funny! XD
22nd-Nov-2016 08:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks ♥

Yasui, what you say is adorable ♥

I'm so happy Love-tune gets popular nowadays \o/

Requests ?! Hmm, if you'd ask my inside fangirl, I would say : "all you can find on Love-tune, or Yasui or Keigo or Myuto..."
But let's begin with the crosstalk between 2 members of Love-tune each duo (4 crossstalks) that came in Myojo december 2016, please.

22nd-Nov-2016 10:31 pm (UTC)
You're welcome!

Me too, I'm excited more people are coming to like them~ ^^

Ok, got it! I'm always motivated to translate anything with Keigo, so that means I always like doing Love-tune XD♥
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