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♫~Love-tune tune~♫
[Translation] Love-tune - Myojo 2016.12 
15th-Nov-2016 12:34 am

[Translation] Love-tune - Myojo 2016.12 Relationship Chart

I'm disappointed I didn't have time to post and flail on Keigo's birthday, but that's just the way college is T_T So here's a belated celebration of Keigo's 20th birthday!♥ I'd like to translate his nemaki danshi page next, it is simply stunning *o*

Also, some exciting news in my life- I'll be working at a camp in the mountains of Japan next summer! And after that I'll start study abroad, so I'm hoping next year (my 7th year being Keigo's fan) I'll finally be able to go to a show and see Keigo in real life..!♥

Myojo 2016.12 Relationship Map
A journey of increasing memories… in the midst of deepening bonds!

Hagiya Keigo

Chagihan (From Moro)
We’re old friends. Since we’ve been together since way before, I can immediately tell when he’s sleepy or things like that. Whenever I sit next to him, we end up leaning on each other.

Hagi-chan (From Yasui)
In the past he used to feel like a little brother to me, but he holds his own opinions and has become an adult. Since we’re always together, it’s easy for him to figure out what I’m thinking.

Hagi-chan (From Sanada)
He feels like a reckless and my-pace little brother. When he really wants to do something, I envy how freely he works at it.

Hagi-chan (From Myuto)
He worries about my health when I’m constantly doing stage performances and speaks up about it. Thanks for always looking out for me~.

Hagi-chan (After today I’ve been able to call him that) (From Nagatsuma)
We’re “Kimi no Na wa” friends. We went to see the movie together and since we were into it, we bought the novel and sound track!

Hagi-chan (From Aran)
He has a lot of hobbies and teaches me various things, but we conflict over trivial things. We’re both firmly in our own positions about those things, so we say “It’s this!”.

Yasui Kentaro

Yassu (From Hagiya)
General information, how to make a living, the feelings of fans- since he knows about various things, to me he’s a teacher!

Yassan (From Sanada)
The things that I propose like “I want to do this!” don’t have enough of an idol feeling… then Yassan always revises it well for me.

Ken-chan (From Moro)
We talk like “I wanna do something fun~” so we go hang out together a lot ♪ And during work he’s someone I rely on!

Yassu (From Myuto)
Basically, he’s someone you can rely on for anything. He thinks of the organization of concerts, and his power to create is amazing!

Ken-chan (From Aran)
In work or in play he holds everything together! The other day, Ken-chan took me and Haniuda (Amu) on a drive♪

Yasui-kun (From Nagatsuma)
During Dream Boys, we slept together in my blanket <3 When Morosshi came too, Yasui-kun drove him out.

Morohoshi Shoki

Moro (From Hagiya)
Since we’ve always been doing jr activities together, he’s an old friend. But recently his hearing has been getting bad, so he’s already an oji-chan relative.

Moro (From Yasui)
His existence is like a hot water bottle. When we’re together I can relax, but sometimes he’s so heated up it’s a nuisance (laugh).

Moro / Debu* (From Myuto)
I can’t respect him at all in private, but the Moro doing jr. activities is amazing. It makes me feel like I need to do my best, and then I’m able to focus.

Morosshi (From Nagatsuma)
The target of my pranks. During Dream Boys he was sleeping on his side in the dressing room, so I kept blowing in his ear.

Moro (From Sanada)
I think he’s becoming the foundation of our group performances. He’s the most kind, and whenever I’m tired I want to consult him~.

Moro (From Aran)
Awkward (laugh). He’s always so loud and has a great reaction, it makes me want to mess with him. He’s a passionate person, so I like talking with him about work too!

Sanada Yuma

Sanapi (From Hagiya)
He feels like a big brother. Sanapi has also told me “You resemble the past me”.

Sanapi (From Moro)
At first I thought he was totally a senpai, but now we’re buddies who diss each other. Like “You’re so ugly~” “I don’t want to hear that from you~” (laugh).

Sanapi (From Yasui)
He feels like a teacher who educates me about music and various things. But even though he has deep knowledge, when he tries to explain it his Japanese really sucks (laugh).

Sanapi/ Sanajii (From Myuto)
Since he takes the lead and makes plans for when we hang out, he’s like a dad on his day off!

Sanada-kun (From Nagatsuma)
The person I always go home with. He treats me to dinner. He coaches me in acting!

Sanada-kun (From Aran)
Actually our fashion is similar, it’s pretty much what I like. We don’t really talk about fashion, but he must notice it too.

Morita Myuto

Myuto (From Hagiya)
I’m planning on starting to wear more western clothes from now on, so for the time being I ask him about it. He only tells me “Isn’t it fine?” though (laugh).

Myuto (From Sanada)
During our band performances, when I glance over and see Myuto is there, I calm down. Recently he keeps having so many stage performances, his tired face is kind of sexy <3

Myuto (From Yasui)
Myuto is an adult, so I’m able to be with him without thinking
“I need to be reliable.” I don’t have to be careful.

Myuto-san (from Nagatsuma)
He’s someone who teaches me dance. Sometimes he tickles me, but I’m not ticklish at all so I’m troubled about how to react…

Morita (From Moro)
Recently he’s been trying to tsukkomi me, but it fails (laugh). And he’s been messing with me, he does stuff like cover my face with a tank top.

Myuto-kun (From Aran)
Since a long time ago he’s been a big brother I rely on. It’s nice that he can talk to me about work on the same level, instead of with a superior-junior relationship.

Nagatsuma Reo

Gatsu (From Hagiya)
He’s crazy! During Dream Boys, he said “My motor nerves are exploding right now” while he was triple jumping rope.

Nagatsu (From Yasui)
Sleeping together friend (laugh).When our dressing room’s air conditioner was too strong and cold, we wrapped up in Nagatsu’s blanket and slept together.

Gatuma (From Aran)
We joined the company at the same time. He asks me stuff like “How should I read this line?”, it’s so cute. And whatever venue we’re at, he can get people excited, so that saves me!

Nagatsu (From Sanada)
There’s a big gap between us, but he’s so much younger than me that I won’t get angry. Rather, I worry about him like “Can this kid get home okay!?”… He’s already my son!

Ga-chan (From Myuto)
The way he judges things from the atmosphere or feeling is great. He teaches dance, and I feel like soon we’ll be able to build a relationship where we can say “Ah. Yeah*.” !
*He means using casual speech

Nagatsu (From Moro)
Little brat (laugh). Whenever I try to sleep, he purposefully makes a racket right in front of me. The other day, when I was swatting at him for 5 minutes, he just kept laughing.

Abe Aran

Aran (From Hagiya)
We’re able to say anything to each other without being careful. It often becomes like a fight and we drag Moro in saying “What do you think!?”

Aren (From Nagatsuma)
He’s someone who suddenly touches my butt and does darugarami* for me. It happens a lot that I mess around and he ignores me.
*I guess this is some term that came from a famous Japanese baseball player, Yu Darvish, and I can’t figure out what it means... ^^;

Aran (From Myuto)
We go out shopping in our private time, but we’re also always together in a group, so somehow he’s a person I have ties with.

Aran / Ranran (From Yasui)
He’s active and we’ve been to Hawaii together! He’s also someone who comes to borrow face lotion from me. The other day, he used it three days in a row!

Aran (From Moro)
He’s got the face of the group, and he’s my rival! But even so recently, he’s been complaining a ton (Aran: That’s because when I was sleeping your underwear and socks were beneath me!).

Aran (From Sanada)
I admire his good looks to the point that it’s frustrating! If someone hit my face 15 times, I wonder if by some mistake it could become a face like that (laugh).

Comments are appreciated! Any specific Love-tune translation requests are also welsome~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

★It's okay to share this translation with junior fans but please only share a link to my journal. Do not repost without a link or proper credit. I've had my translations stolen before, so don't do that! Thanks~★
16th-Nov-2016 02:37 am (UTC)
Yayyy I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!!! ^^ You're welcome♡♡♡
I'm still not used to the 7 of them together, but this helped me like them more too~ it made me happy when their point of views matched, like Keigo calling Sanapi a big brother and Sanapi calling him a little brother♡^^

I will! I have a break from school next week, so I think I'll have time~ :3

That's exciting!!! I hope we can both see Keigo next year♡*-* If we are ever in Japan at the same time, we should meet up and fangirl over him together in real life!! ♡>o
16th-Nov-2016 04:33 am (UTC)
have you seen their shokura performance Lydia? like the latest kareha no kage, that was sooo hot!! I dont know why but each time I see their performance I feel like fall for to the 7 of them mooore xDD although at first Im so upset about the random member addition.
yeah they are all so match like when Aran said they will fight about a trivial things, and Keigo said so. hahaha

yaay, I'm looking forward the next translation of Love-tuuune xDD

I hope sooo!! of course! let's meet up someday If we are ever in Japan at the same time!! but next year I guess I'll go there at spring hihihi
16th-Nov-2016 05:42 am (UTC)
Yes!!!!!!!!! Kareha no kage was soooo amazing♥ I think they are learning to work together better, so their performances keep improving! I was upset too, I thought it was so cute when Keigo was the youngest member of the group at first~
Oh yeah I laughed so hard at thatt XDD

It would be so fun!! Aw I guess next year won't work, but maybe someday a miracle will happen xD♥
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