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♫~Love-tune tune~♫
[Translation] Hagiya Keigo x Sanada Yuma - TV Navi 2016.07 crosstalk 
11th-Jul-2016 06:33 pm
[Translation] Hagiya Keigo x Sanada Yuma - TV Navi 2016.07 crosstalk

I translated this on a whim without reading it first, so it's a lot more serious than the talks I usually choose to translate ^^; This was also before Love-tune became 7 people, so when Keigo mentions that they've all been working together since forever anyways, he's talking about himself/Sanapi/Yassu/Myuto. And he mentions Genta again, I guess he just loves being called onii-chan ♥ xD

2016.07 TV Navi
Hagiya Keigo x Sanada Yuma

Thinking about Love-tune’s formation, please tell us about your enthusiasm in challenging Johnny’s Ginza 2016.
Sanada: First, since people mistake it for “Love-chun” often, I want to properly spread the name “Love-tune.”
Hagiya: That’s dependent on our effort. I like our name. There’s no other unit with “Love” in their name.
Sanada: And then “tune.” The sound and the meaning are good. Music in love is invincible right!
Hagiya: The members are people who have always been working together until now too.
Sanada: Yeah. The feeling of us getting a name was a happy thing. Since I think that a group’s name is like their brand.
Hagiya: Right now, there’s a lot of jrs and units with names, so there’s also a feeling of us finally having that sense of being in the same arena that we admired.
Sanada: There’s also Johnny’s Ginza in front of us now, but more than talking about what kind of group we want to be, we have a lot of concrete talks about dance and performance.
Hagiya: Yeah, our talks are overwhelmingly about work.
Sanada: At those times, usually Yassan (Yasui Kentaro) is the commander, but the four of us are pretty much crazy boys (laugh), so in a good way we’re not organized.
Hagiya: Everyone has a strong individuality, so even though we’re a group we’re seriously not organized. Since all four of us are people who don’t give in, we fight everyday (laugh).
Sanada: Meaning that our opinions clash. This style is right for us, and it doesn’t affect our good relationship, but to people around us it might look like we’re fighting.
Hagiya: Since we get pretty heated up, it seems like people think we don’t get along well (laugh). But because various groups are performing on the same stage, we have the feeling of not wanting to lose, so it’s a necessary thing.

To the two of you who have a long history of being a Jr., what kind of thing is a Jr.’s work?
Hagiya: Presenting yourself, maybe. It feels it’s appearing in magazines and on TV and accumulating experiences more than people of the same generation.
Sanada: There’s no doubt it’s being an entertainer. It’s work that’s able to touch and convey emotion to people who watch through acting, dance, and song. I think we also meet ourselves. For example, when we’re able to be something even as minimal as the lubricant to help move the gears of people’s hearts, I think that’s an incredibly happy work.

Is work fun?
Both: …….
Hagiya: I can’t answer that immediately, and putting it in a few words is difficult. It’s hard to think of anything better than work, but it’s by no means only fun things, there’s definitely painful things too.
Sanada: There’s normally a lot of painful things. Of course. It’s troubling when people think being an idol is easy.
Hagiya: But I think concerts reward us for that.
Sanada: That’s true. There’s that much power in concerts.
Hagiya: Not just being on stage, but concerts in particular. Stage plays might be a place for discipline. Because when I see Sanapi when he’s doing stage plays, I always think he’s being driven to the wall.
Sanada: I’m certainly being driven to the wall (laugh). But I like it because it’ s that. When I have to perform as something else there’s a strange sense that I can only savor there. But if I keep repeating that kind of thing, there are times when I unintentionally think “I wonder who the real me is?”.  In concerts I can get myself back.
Hagiya: When we’re doing concerts, there’s no doubt it’s about “self”.
Sanada: Yeah. I think concerts are the place that create the axis of yourself and the group.
Hagiya: Because unlike in TV and magazines where you can’t feel much, concerts allow the audience’s support to come to us directly.

Individually and as a group, are there ambitions and goals for hereafter?
Hagiya: Although I genuinely want to have an original song as a group, I don’t have ambitions and goals….
Sanada: Recently, my way of thinking has changed. Instead of having a dream to hold onto and face, I think there are results in doing good work every time. For example, I was thinking “I want to have a dome concert. So, what should I do?” and calculating backward from there, but now I see that making every stage good is like a connection to the dome, so my method of addition changed.
Hagiya: I haven’t reached that situation yet, but I get what you’re saying.
Sanada: Whatever you do, one by one doing things thoroughly and with all your might is something that doesn’t change.

The Johnny’s Jr. that I like
Hagiya: (Matsuda) Genta. He’s the first Jr who has adored me like a big brother, and last summer we were on the same team in Summer Station so we were always together. I think he’s cute, and more than anything else he does his best in work.
Sanada: That’s important. Guys who use all their might are good.
Hagiya: Yeah. No matter what position he dances, his effort is conveyed. That’s why even if he’s at the back of the stage, his eyes are up, and your eyes natually go to him. I like that kind of guy.
Sanada: If we’re going with that kind of meaning, for me it’s (Morita) Myuto. On TV he’s established as a useless, cute character, but when he works his passion is amazing.
Hagiya: Ah-, that’s true. His intensity is so amazing that if you’re close to him you always feel it.
Sanada: He’s actually manly. It’s true his performances are amazing, but he’s a person who thinks about other people. More than any other jr, isn’t he thinking about work and the group? With that attitude, he’s someone that I can truly respect.
12th-Jul-2016 09:25 am (UTC)
Thanks for translating and sharing! I really enjoyed learning what they think about work and being Jrs. ♥
12th-Jul-2016 02:22 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! Me too, we don't normally get to hear about that kind of thing ^^
9th-Aug-2016 09:51 am (UTC) - Thank you
Hello and thank you very much for this translation.
I would love to see more Love Tune on stage but it is impossible. I love this band so much because they are different than the others Johnny's bands.
Thanks again.
10th-Aug-2016 12:58 am (UTC) - Re: Thank you
You're welcome!
I love them too, I hope they will get more chances to perform~ ^^
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