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♫~Love-tune tune~♫
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24th-Jun-2011 10:09 pm - [sticky post] It's Me~ (o´ω`o)/♥
☆Welcome to My Journal☆

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。*: ★(´・ω・)/ Translation Masterpost \(・ω・`)。:★*。
To make it easier for you all and myself, I decided to make a list of all my translations, what I'm currently working on, and what I plan to work on next ^o^ I do accept requests, but mainly only for juniors and Johnny's West :3 ♥
*Let me know if any links here aren't working!*
*The scans for almost all of these translations are from yoshiko_mama ^^ *

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[Translation] Love-tune x Prince - Potato 2017.01

I'm alive~~! I made it through my Japanese final exams, and now I only have one more exam left before winter break ^o^ So I did this on a whim last night~ I've never paid attention to Kishi so it was funny to see him interact with the Love-tune guys. He used formal language the whole time and then what he said at the end... he seems like such a earnest, good kid XD
I only did one of Love-tune & Prince's crosstalks (since Keigo was in this group), hope you all enjoy it♥

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[Translation] Love-tune - Myojo 2016.12 Crosstalks

More Love-tune! After this I'll probably disappear for a little bit because I have so much work to do for school before winter break ;~; But Johnny's All Stars Island is starting soon, so I'm looking foward to hearing reports about that♥
As always, I translated from yoshiko-mama's scans~ ^^/

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[Translation] Love-tune - Duet 2016.12

This was so cute to read, since I'm a huge fan of hot drinks and hearing the jrs talk about each other (especially hearing anyone talk about Keigo!)^^ The pictures are also way too lovely, so I hope you all enjoy this♥
*Just a reminder that everything I translate comes from yoshiko-mama's scans ^^/

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[Translation] Love-tune - Myojo 2016.12 Relationship Chart

I'm disappointed I didn't have time to post and flail on Keigo's birthday, but that's just the way college is T_T So here's a belated celebration of Keigo's 20th birthday!♥ I'd like to translate his nemaki danshi page next, it is simply stunning *o*

Also, some exciting news in my life- I'll be working at a camp in the mountains of Japan next summer! And after that I'll start study abroad, so I'm hoping next year (my 7th year being Keigo's fan) I'll finally be able to go to a show and see Keigo in real life..!♥

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[Translation] Hagiya Keigo - J-Novel Duet 2016.09

Since I used to write fanfics about Keigo, I just had to translate this into English... It is so adorable and cheesy!!! Just like a real fanfic XD So if any of you out there have ever fantasized about a confession from Keigo, this is a serious must read

Since this is supposed to be more of a poetic story than informational, I took some creative liberty and kept the spirit of the story instead of being super literal with every line. It's meant to sound natural to an English speaker!

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[Translation] Love-tune - WU 2016.08 Crosstalk

Somehow, my summer is almost over... I move back into my college in a week.. (゚Д゚;)
Anyways this is the first 7 person Love-tune thing that I've translated! I'm still not used them all together, but hopefully they can keep growing as a group~ ^^
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[Translation] Hagiya Keigo x Sanada Yuma - TV Navi 2016.07 crosstalk

I translated this on a whim without reading it first, so it's a lot more serious than the talks I usually choose to translate ^^; This was also before Love-tune became 7 people, so when Keigo mentions that they've all been working together since forever anyways, he's talking about himself/Sanapi/Yassu/Myuto. And he mentions Genta again, I guess he just loves being called onii-chan ♥ xD

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[Translation] Love-tune - Myojo 2016.08 Individual + Crosstalk

I'm back with more (4人) Love-tune~♥ We finally get to hear more about Keigo's college life in this, and the other guys' schedules are also a bit surprising ^^ And then the crosstalk part while they eat yakiniku is just utter chaos XD

Also I made a twitter recently (@lydiagrace0626) so if you're on there, let's be friends and fangirl together

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