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♫~Love-tune tune~♫
[Translation] Love-tune x Prince - Potato 2017.01 
13th-Dec-2016 09:40 pm

[Translation] Love-tune x Prince - Potato 2017.01

I'm alive~~! I made it through my Japanese final exams, and now I only have one more exam left before winter break ^o^ So I did this on a whim last night~ I've never paid attention to Kishi so it was funny to see him interact with the Love-tune guys. He used formal language the whole time and then what he said at the end... he seems like such a earnest, good kid XD
I only did one of Love-tune & Prince's crosstalks (since Keigo was in this group), hope you all enjoy it♥

2017.01 Potato (Hagiya x Yasui x Sanada x Aran x Kishi)

Leveraging the powers they have and launching new TV programs!?

Yasui: Within these people, Aran had it* today.
*he ate the spicy one when they played russion rolette with cream puffs

Aran: In a bad way (laugh)

Hagiya: Aran has it together during performances. He’ll definitely make it success.

Sanada: Yeah. If he’s told to shoot a basket or something, he’ll definitely get it in.

Kishi: Wow~ that’s amazing!! On the opposite side, I’m the kind of guy who definitely can’t get it in.

Yasui: That’s true, Kishi has the skill of not making it (laugh).

Hagiya: I want to know if Aran does it by concentrating really really hard or by not thinking at all.

Aran: Of course I’m concentrating. I’m thinking I want to make it a success.

Kishi: That’s amazing~.

Yasui: Isn’t knowledge the thing Hagi-chan has?

Hagiya: That’s not it. The thing that I have consistently is that whenever I go to the bathroom, Sanapi is next to me.

Sanada: Isn’t that fine (laugh).

Kishi: And you have a lot of interests right.

Yasui: Moreover, he uses those skills for work. Like music.

Aran: And it seems like he could use stuff like scuba diving in the future too.

Kishi: Can’t he aim for “DASH Mura**”?

Yasui: I want him to appear on “Sekai no Kate made Itte Q**!” too.

Sanada: Hagi-chan, what have you been into lately?

Hagiya: Maybe cooking. Recently I’ve been making pasta in clam chowder. If you add milk and stuff it becomes pasta sauce.

Kishi: You even make the sauce!? Couldn’t you do a morning TV program like “Hagi-chan’s Cooking”!

Hagiya: Right now I make things following recipes, so I want to become able to cook even without a recipe.

Aran: And Japanese food. It’s said that people who can make Japanese food are good at cooking.

Sanada: If we take “motteru***” with the meaning of serving rice in a bowl, even now I can’t forget Yasui’s hair style for the movie “Haunted Campus.” It was like a bowl haircut (laugh). But compared to the past everyone’s hairstyles have gotten smarter.

Hagiya: Sanapi’s used to be amazing in the past too, like there was something alive in it.

Kishi: In the top part right, there was a period of time for that.

Sanada: In past it was like your strength to win was only as strong as your hairstyle.

Aran: The time of Hagi-chan’s perm doesn’t lose to that though.

Yasui: There was a period when something was living on the back of your head.

Hagiya: But Kishi doesn’t do bowl haircuts.

Yasui: That part of him is cool. Then, what does Sanapi have together?

Aran: He owns a lot of clothes.

Hagiya: He knows a lot of good restaurants.

Everyone but Sanada: Aah~!!

Kishi: I’ve also had Sanada-kun tell me about good restaurants.

Aran: He even knows reasonably priced places to eat so the breadth of knowledge is wide.

Yasui: Seriously, he’s Johnny’s Ken Watabe****!

Sanada: It’s certainly true that I have that kind of information. Recently there’s a town that I've been exploring, I like to look around the second hand clothes shop and go to the live house or the small theatre.

Aran: You’re like a bandman.

Kishi: That’s so cool.

Yasui: You’re an adult. I’m one year older than Sanapi but I’m always running around yelling (laugh). Then, lastly, the thing Kishi’s got together!

Kishi: There’s something right?

Sanada: I like that Kishi is surprisingly manly. Right now it’s popular to be androgynous, but you have quite the classic male feeling.

Kishi: That’s right. I want to become a gentleman.

Aran: That’s why I want you to appear on “The! Strong Arm! DASH!!**

Kishi: It’s true, I love that.

Hagiya: Everyone has different characters, like being airheaded, but Kishi is a natural guy. He can’t be calculating at all.

Yasui: Somehow you can’t hate him. That’s why everyone ends up thinking they want to save Kishi.

Aran: And Kishi also works really hard. He says “It’s because I can’t do it” himself though.

Kishi: I feel like I can’t be pampered by everyone’s kindness.

Yasui: But you know, you forget to take your jacket off and stuff (laugh).

Kishi: My jacket?

Yasui: When I went to see Prince’s “Johnny’s Ginza” performance, you forget to take off your jacket and the back juniors had to tap you on the shoulder. Aran and I were laughing so hard!

Kishi: I remember that! I got excited from the concert and didn’t realize it. Don’t you guys do that? Getting really absorbed into it.

Sanada: I’m also a Jr. who gets seriously into it.

Aran: I’m the same. The two of us are kind of similar.

Kishi: Because of that, I’ve been established as the one who messes up. That’s why I’ll do my best to aim for being a Jr. who can do things.

Sanada: I totally understand.

Kishi: But Love-tune has really good taste you know.

Hagiya: I don’t have any.

Yasui: Rather than having that kind of intuition, Hagi-chan is grounded in theory.

Sanada: I think it’s because of that that our unit functions well.

Aran: Since we’re all people with that sense. Kishi-kun is also intuitive right?

Kishi: I’m super intuitive. I can’t keep the counts for dance.

Hagiya: The representative person for not being able to keep count is here you know.

Yasui: Sanapi is that way.

Sanada: I’m not good at matching aesthetics. And I’m bad at theories for acting, I suck at conveying things.

Kishi: I understand! Like telling a funny story, everyone brings the punchline at the end, but I accidently start with that part.

Sanada: I get that! It’s hard.

Yasui: It’s not actually hard, don’t you know that!

Hagiya: Yeah, it's fine if you just think you have start with the punchline! (laugh)*****

Kishi: I can’t do that you know~.

Yasui: Then what’s the power you want now?

Sanada: Personally, until now it’s been “exerting aesthetic.”

Yasui: Ah, this about in performances? (interpretation)

Sanada: I want all out power to exert aesthetic. I want the power to express that from inside me… it’s this kind of thing you know, that I’m bad at talking about (laugh).

Hagiya: Also, Sanapi has recently been into that word, “aesthetic.”

Yasui: I thought so too! (laugh)

Aran: But, I want to become the kind of artist like the ones overseas where the audience gets excited naturally, without you having to make them.

Yasui: There's that too. I want… the power to read what people are thinking. Then I would be able to manipulate everyone.

Kishi: Yasui-kun is saying something like from science fiction (laugh).

Aran: I want the art of conversation, the power to speak cleverly.

Hagiya: I want the power to gather people around. Because I’m easy to misunderstand, there’s a tendency for a lot of people to be distant from me.

Aran: That’s the same for me.

Kishi: For me it’s that thing, harmonious power.

Yasui: What is that? (laugh)

Kishi: The power to be able to make peace with people.

Yasui: Ah~, Kishi is really harmonious. Your existence is peaceful!

Kishi: Then, I want everyone in the world to hold hands and form a big circle.

Hagiya: Is that physically possible?

Kishi:...... Yes!!

**A TV show

***Same pronunciation as the “to have” they’ve been talking about, but a different meaning/kanji

****A comedian who’s been to like a billion restaurants
****Sorry, I really don't understand what Keigo was trying to joke here -.-;

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14th-Dec-2016 02:54 am (UTC)
lol Kishi is just really..... real, in a sense. It's so true he's not calculating and he's just a really earnest guy. It provides Yasui a lot of chances to tsukkomi lol. Yassu also said before that when people say "Yabai" they don't really mean it and they actually do something really well, but the only person who is actually in a pinch when he says yabai is Kishi lol
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