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♫~Love-tune tune~♫
[Translation] Love-tune - WU 2016.08 Crosstalk 
7th-Aug-2016 12:26 am
[Translation] Love-tune - WU 2016.08 Crosstalk

Somehow, my summer is almost over... I move back into my college in a week.. (゚Д゚;)
Anyways this is the first 7 person Love-tune thing that I've translated! I'm still not used them all together, but hopefully they can keep growing as a group~ ^^

Wink Up 2016.08

Sanada: Ooh~ This is our first talk as seven-person Love-tune!
Morohoshi: The room is so small (laugh)
Morita: We talked with these seven during the Kurie MC, but this way in a magazine, I wonder what kind of feeling our normal talk will have.
Sanada: We’re like the seven riders from Mitaiken Zone*(laugh). Well, I wonder if this will turn into me having to take control of everything…
*[t/n: I guess there's like these seven power ranger looking guys called 未体験ゾーン who ride bikes and stuff?]
Yasui: Yeah yeah, we’ll leave it up to the old geezer.
Sanada: Wait could you stop that? I have two things to retort. First, “I’ll take control” was me being silly, and then stop calling me “Old geezer” so normally (laugh).
Hagiya: Recently, everyone has naturally started calling Sanapi “Old geezer” (laugh).
Yasui: No no Sanapi. Because it’s in a good way.
Aran: Here it is! The pattern where you add “in a good way” or “on the contrary” so you can say anything (laugh).
Hagiya: Me, Myuto,  and Yassu can normally call Sanapi “Old geezer”, but aren’t Moro, Aran, and Nagatsu still nervous?
Yasui: No no, Moro always secretly says “That old geezer.”
Morohoshi: Hey stop! Wouldn’t that mean I’m the worst kind of guy! (laugh) I don’t say that!
Sanada: Hahaha. I’ll try believing you for now (laugh). Aran tries his best to follow along, but he says “Uh, um… ol-, old geezer” and I can feel his hestitating aura (laugh).
Aran: Yeah. If we make eye contact I can’t say it (laugh).
Morita: It all started from “Sanaji” though. Then it became “gramps” “old geezer” and stuff.
Hagiya: Rather than that, how about “G” from the alphabet? Isn’t it cool like a codename (laugh).
Aran: That’s good! “Hey, G” …it’s really easy to say!
Yasui: What do you think Nagatsu, even though you haven’t been talking since the beginning?
Nagatsuma: I won’t be able to call him “Old geezer” ever in my life. Because I adore Sanada-kun. Recently we’ve been going home together a lot.
Sanada: Yeah. We sit on the train. Whenever we do that, he says “I’ll wake you up when we get to Sanada-kun’s station, so please rest.”
Everyone: Whoa~~~~
Sanada: I say thanks, and kind of mess with my smart phone. But then the next moment, this kid falls asleep (laugh).
Everyone: Ahahahaha!
Aran: Also, a lot of people might not know this, but me and Gatuma (Nagatsuma) joined at the same time.
Morohoshi: Eh~~~, seriously?
Nagatsuma: Yeah. Within these members, he’s the only one I can use casual speech with.
Hagiya: Aran, you always call Myuto “Myuto-kun” and respect him, even though you’ve been together for a long time.
Aran: Yeah. Because he says “Use formal language with me”…
Sanada: Myuto, you’re so shallow! (laugh)
Morita: As expected, senpais need to have dignity! But I’m totally lying, you can use casual speech with me.
Hagiya: In the past, when I was in a unit called Hip Hop Jump with Myuto, he said stuff like “Since these members will do things together for a long time, we should speak casually right?” In those days it was elementary schooler Morita.
Morita: That’s what elementary schooler Morita thought in those days. But it feels gross when elementary schoolers use casual speech with their peers… (laugh). Anyways, I really don’t care about casual speech or formal speech! Whatever is easier is fine.
Nagatsuma: By the way, the order of us all joining the agency is…
Yasui: Sana, Myu… us three Yasu Hagi Moro were roughly the same time, then Aran and Nagatsuma.
Morohoshi: For quite a long time I called you “Yasui-kun.”
Yasui: When we mess around with Myuto we call him “Myu-to-san. The intonation of that is a little lower that the “to” in Myuto’s case, but the point is saying it with the same pitch.
Morohoshi: Whenever Myuto does the choreography for us, we use it like “Myu-to-san, is it okay to do this part like this? (laugh). Aran, Nagatsu and I were added a little later to Love-tune but what kind of unit are we aiming for?
Yasui: Don’t these seven have various strong points? Recently, members who can also do music are here, a guy who’s good at dancing, a funny guy…
Sanada: Myself included, aren’t there a lot of fanatic type guys? (laugh) Hagi-chan is, Myuto is…
Hagiya: Yassu also seems like a person who properly does things seriously, but little by little he’s been influenced by us and has turned into a weird person.
Yasui: That’s true. Aran is considerably terrible, and Nagatsuma is high ranking. Unexpectedly, within all of us Moro is the most honest and straightforward (laugh).
Hagiya: Yeah yeah. He does his best as a person who does strange things.
Morohoshi: Stop it! Somehow, that makes me like a desperate and pitiful guy! (laugh)
Morita: Because, on the stage Moro messes around… for example when he did “Morosasaizu” at Kurie, he glanced at Yassu with a “Is this okay?” kind of look (laugh).
Yasui: Yeah! At that time I was in the wing of the stage, but Moro glanced over at me. Then Hagi-chan has been really good at tsukkomi recently.
Sanada: I know! Within this group of weird people, he’s the only one does the role of calmly tsukkomi-ing us.
Yasui: That’s right. But even though he’s calm at first, whenever everyone ignores what he’s saying “Pagiya” comes out.
Morita: The “Pagiya” that goes with the mood of Party People somewhere far away (laugh). Returning to our talk though, are there requests or anything from you three? Like Nagatsuman, is there anything you want to say to us in advance?
Sanada: That’s a good idea! I want to hear!
Nagatsuma: Um~, you should allow me to do things relatively freely, because that way amusing things will appear.
Everyone: Ahahahaha!
Aran: You have some serious confidence!
Yasui: The “I’m a genius” appeal? (laugh)
Sanada: Like “Just let me swim freely” and “I don’t need a script or anything.”
Yasui: What was it again, Nagatsuma’s famous words that came out while Gamushara was on air. Was it “What ward in Tokyo is Television Asahi in”?
Nagatsuma: (Immediate reply) It’s the 12th ward.*
*[t/n: from what I can tell, he's totally wrong? So they're laughing at him being so confidently wrong. It's actually in the 1st ward I think]
Morohoshi: The 12th! (laugh)
Morita: Since Nagatsuma knew that Tokyo has 23 wards.
Nagatsuma: That’s right. Then, Television Asahi is at the heart of Tokyo right… the middle of 23… I was wavering between district 11 and 12, but I went with 12.
Everyone: Ahahahaha!
Aran: Amazing…
Hagiya: So it means if we let Nagatsu swim, when it comes to it he’ll yield results?
Nagatsuma: Yes, basically.
Morohoshi: Nagatsu, you’re awesome (laugh).
Sanada: But, it’s true that when we did Kurie as the seven of us, the one who was getting the most laughs was Nagatsuman right.
Morita: Yeah. When it was us four, people laughed but it was like “peaceful laughter.” But when the other three joined in “explosive laughter” was born.
Yasui: Yeah, we weren’t falling to our knees with laughter when it was the four of us. The fact that Aran’s character lacks common sense, from now it’s just going to get weirder (laugh).
Sanada: People can’t predict a talk with us seven. Isn’t just having that a weapon for us?
Morohoshi: Man, that makes me really happy!
Yasui: Ah, but I’ll just say this, Moro is the one with the most common sense.
Morohoshi: Those words are normally a complement, but I’m not happy at all (laugh).
Hagiya: Myuto… no, Myu-to-san, what are you thinking about the realm of laughter being held by Nagatsu and Aran instead of you?
Morita: (Gazing from far above) No, I’m thinking that it’s not bad for my kouhais to steadily grow in this way.
Everyone: As expected from Myu-to-san!
Morita: One day I’ll also show you I can make people fall to their knees in laughter!
Sanada: That’s a bit annoying (laugh). What about Moro? What kind of unit do you want to make?
Morohoshi: For me, I want to be a unit that can also improvise skits.
Yasui: Ah~ .......that's a different direction. (laugh)
Morohoshi: (Regarding his desire) I’ll withdraw that!
Aran: It’s different from musicians focus on music (laugh).
Yasui: Hahaha. But speaking of improvisation, Hagi-chan is strong there. When we backed for Kisumai’s tour, they let us be a part of the MC and Hagi-chan made everyone explode with laughter
Morita: I think a person who can do that in front of our senpais is seriously amazing.
Yasui: I know right. Aren’t Hagi-chan and Nagatsuma good at that? Also in the track and field part from “Honoo no Taiikukai TV”*, didn’t Nagatsu get good results? I didn’t know he was that fast.
*[t/n: Ueda and a bunch of juniors ran on a sports show recently]
Morohoshi: I thought Nagatsu was amazing. Ueda (Tatsuya)-kun got super mad at me, so that made the atmosphere weird, but when we were supposed to get excited before we ran, Nagatsu suddenly gave a war cry like “Oh~~~~!” (laugh). The courage to do that in the midst of everyone saying safe comments like “I’ll do my best!” was seriously incredible.
Yasui: Huh~ I bet the face Moro made on “Taiikukai TV” when Ueda-kun got angry at him was excellent~ (laugh).
Morohoshi: No, if you were there you’d think “he seriously died”!
Yasui: That’s true. Then, Aran! Do you have any requests?
Aran: I wonder. First, I want to know the members more deeply. The other day Sanada-kun… I mean I went out to eat with G, just the two of us.
Sanada: Right! It was good time together!
Hagiya: But when G gets excited about something, he starts talking honestly about a bunch of things, so be careful of that (laugh).
Morita: Yeah! The day before our Kurie performance, he sent us each a long passionate message in our group chat, but it was seriously passionate!
Morohoshi: Stuff like “Myuto has a unique sense…”
Hagiya: Even though we received such nice messages, we responded really lightly like “Got it-” or “Yep-, ok!” (laugh).
Everyone: Ahahaha!
Sanada: (Bitter laugh) You guys, you’re seriously relaxed! (laugh)
Yasui: No you really wrote nice things for us. It’s just, if we replied with the same tone, I think it’d be a bit gross (laugh).
Sanada: Because you guys don’t do anything but bad mouth!
Aran: No, we really like those kind of things.
Sanada: Yeah. Aran’s the only one who will go along with my passionate talks!
Aran: If you want to talk about things like that, please come talk to me anytime! To me, it seems like this unit can do anything, like dance and comedy. That’s why I think it would be great if we could challenge things that no one has done before.
Yasui: That’s good! I want to create a Lone-tune genre. Don’t people use our senpais group names to describe other groups’ types? Just like that, it’d be great if we could become a unit that has a color unique to us.
Aran: Yeah! Even though we don’t know anything definite yet, I think it’d be nice if people could discover us as we keep doing activities.
Sanada: The next big work for us is Summer Stage right? Let’s make the people who watch us there think “This unit is good!”!
Hagiya: That’s good. But before that, we have to do a training camp together as the seven of us and practice by being showered in Sanapi’s passionate words! (laugh)

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8th-Aug-2016 01:50 am (UTC)
me tooo, im kinda sad jimusho added such a random member into my precious Love-tune T_T I would be so happy if it happened to be just Shoki and Nozawa ><

but after reading this tranlation I think Love-tune still would make a great group. Ganbatte Love-tune!!!

thanks you so much for translating Lydiaaaa :**

anyway what it is "an old geezer" in Japanese? Im curious what they call Sanapi hehe

oh wait, finally you got a twitter account Lydia?? Im comiiingg, Im @lovebuckytune on twitter hahaha
8th-Aug-2016 02:19 am (UTC)
Yeah, especially because they added another Travis Japan member T_T I was happy Shoki was added though!

You're welcome~~~ ♥

In Japanese it's "jijii" (ジジイ), so I think old geezer or gramps might be the closest thing in English XD

Yes!! I'll go follow you ^o^
9th-Aug-2016 09:45 pm (UTC)
Poor Sanapi is like getting bullied even though he's one of the eldest in the group. XD Myuto telling Aran to not speak casually with him and denying it just bc everyone's there lol. Reo was really cool in Honoo no Taiikukai! Anyway, I think he's still shy because there's quite a gap with his age and the others, hopefully he'll feel more comfortable soon.

The rumored Jr unit back in late 2015 which was "J7" actually happened ne~

Thanks for translating! :)
10th-Aug-2016 12:56 am (UTC)
Sanapi is such a nice senpai to let them do that XD I haven't watched honoo no taiikukai, but I don't know much about Reo so maybe I should watch it~ even though he's so tall he seems like a baby compared to Yassu and Sanapi lol

Yeah I'm honestly so shocked XD It'll be fun to see how they turn out~

You're welcome! ^^
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