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♫~Love-tune tune~♫
[Translation] Hagiya Keigo, Abe Aran - Wink Up 2016.02 
25th-Jan-2016 10:49 pm
[Translation] Hagiya Keigo, Abe Aran - Wink Up 2016.02

I couldn't resist translating this one, because I'm always interested in what other juniors have to say about Keigo ♥ The pairing is pretty random but these two did act in Shark~2nd Season together so they probably know each other quite well. I was really happy to hear how Aran praised Keigo ^^

Wink Up 2016.02 - Mutual
Hagiya Keigo & Abe Aran
Although you don’t normally see these two having contact… the talk’s theme is “Mutually wanting to learn something by observation.”

Hagiya Keigo
The part of Aran that I think is amazing is how rising and falling emotions don’t show on his face at all. Of course there must be times he’s worried or hurt, but he’s never once showed that. Before performances and stuff, even when everyone is being noisy saying, “This is bad~ I’m nervous!” he’s composed and gets ready saying “No, we can do it!” Whenever that kind of Aran is there I can feel at ease. Though people might think that Aran looks like someone who doesn’t worry, that kind of person doesn’t exist right? I think he definitely has strong feelings on the inside. That part of him, he’s probably fine just keeping it to himself. I think about things too much, and if I’m worried then the people around me immediately figure it out because all my thoughts show on my face (laugh). Right before the band session on Shounen Club, I probably said “oh crap” more times than Aran has in his whole life combined (laugh). I want to watch and learn how Aran immediately composes himself so well.

Abe Aran
The thing I want to learn by watching Hagi-chan is how he properly holds his own opinion. Whether it’s in a drama or creating a performance for the stage, he properly has his own viewpoint that he’s able to convey to everyone.  For me, I hold back and in the end I can’t say anything to the people around me… it’s almost always like that. Especially whenever senpai are there, I feel like experienced senpai’s opinions are right and if I said anything and broke the atmosphere what would I do… I think like that ne. But Hagi-chan says “For the opening song, I think this is good” and clearly gives his opinion. Of course, there are things that aren’t used as well, like somebody objects to it, but he never becomes sulky and he properly says “Oh, that’s good!” to other people’s opinions and is able to support them. If it was Travis Japan, he would be a Kaji (Kajiyama) type. Within Travis, I’m able to say a little bit, but I still end up holding myself back. So I really respect that part of Hagi-chan!

Comments are appreciated~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
★It's okay to share this translation with junior fans but please only share a link to my journal. Do not repost without a link or credit to me. I've had my translations stolen before, so don't do that! Thanks~★
26th-Jan-2016 09:56 am (UTC)

Hahaha I was thinking of requesting this to you when I saw the scans! I'm glad you actually translated it, and I didn't even have to request. XD

Well, Aran is often said to be the "my pace" type. 😂This is just based on me watching/looking out for him a lot but it also seemed to me that Aran is the type who won't voice out much of his opinion and just go with the flow, so different from Aruto in SHARK 2nd season 😂 But just like what Hagi-chan said, I think Aran is actually fine with it. Because if one's not happy with what he's doing, it will eventually come out in his behavior/attitude, right? (Lol based from my own experiences) But the other jrs often says that Aran is a kind person and he is well-loved ♥ :D

Meanwhile, Hagi-chan is like Haruya in a way that he is open to everyone's opinion, though Hagi-chan is even better than Haruya since he actually suggests something. XD Considering that Hagi-chan is often grouped with jrs who are older than him, good to know he is able to voice out his opinion well.^^ Hagi-chan, don't feel too pressured during the band sessions at shokura, you are great with the drums!! ♥ :)

I didn't really intend to compare them with their characters in SHARK (because after all they are roles hahaha) but somehow I was reminded since you mentioned it as well. XD

Sorry for the long comment (like always hahaha) and thank you so much for translating!!! :)

27th-Jan-2016 01:41 am (UTC)
I was really excited when I read it, so I thought I had to share hehe♥

Haha, it's true he's like the opposite of Aruto! I was surprised to hear that Aran is always composed and never worried though, I didn't think he had that kind of image ^^

I know, I'm glad to hear that Keigo's voice doesn't just get run over like Haruya's does XD Keigo has always felt really mature to me, so I'm happy Aran said he speaks up even with the older guys he usually works with. I laughed so hard reading what Keigo said about the band session xD but really, he should have more confidence in how cool his drumming is! ♥

It is funny to compare them to their characters! Some things are definitely similar, like how Keigo said when he thought about Yasui actually leaving he started crying naturally (for the scene when Haruya's sad about Kota leaving again) ♥

Thank you for always reading and commenting! It's more fun this way hehe ^^
29th-Jan-2016 11:31 pm (UTC)
oh my god they are growing up well,are they ><

that was sooo cute how Keigo admit that he is worry typed and all his thought show on his face, LOL that was so me. and how they admired each other, i love this kind of topic,thank you lydia for translating, I wish you can translate mooore xDD
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