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24th-Jun-2011 10:09 pm - [sticky post] It's Me~ (o´ω`o)/♥
☆Welcome to My Journal☆

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。*: ★(´・ω・)/ Translation Masterpost \(・ω・`)。:★*。
To make it easier for you all and myself, I decided to make a list of all my translations, what I'm currently working on, and what I plan to work on next ^o^ I do accept requests, but mainly only for juniors and Johnny's West :3 ♥
*Let me know if any links here aren't working!*
*The scans for almost all of these translations are from yoshiko_mama ^^ *

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[Translation] Hagiya Keigo - J-Novel Duet 2016.09

Since I used to write fanfics about Keigo, I just had to translate this into English... It is so adorable and cheesy!!! Just like a real fanfic XD So if any of you out there have ever fantasized about a confession from Keigo, this is a serious must read

Since this is supposed to be more of a poetic story than informational, I took some creative liberty and kept the spirit of the story instead of being super literal with every line. It's meant to sound natural to an English speaker!

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[Translation] Love-tune - WU 2016.08 Crosstalk

Somehow, my summer is almost over... I move back into my college in a week.. (゚Д゚;)
Anyways this is the first 7 person Love-tune thing that I've translated! I'm still not used them all together, but hopefully they can keep growing as a group~ ^^
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[Translation] Hagiya Keigo x Sanada Yuma - TV Navi 2016.07 crosstalk

I translated this on a whim without reading it first, so it's a lot more serious than the talks I usually choose to translate ^^; This was also before Love-tune became 7 people, so when Keigo mentions that they've all been working together since forever anyways, he's talking about himself/Sanapi/Yassu/Myuto. And he mentions Genta again, I guess he just loves being called onii-chan ♥ xD

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[Translation] Love-tune - Myojo 2016.08 Individual + Crosstalk

I'm back with more (4人) Love-tune~♥ We finally get to hear more about Keigo's college life in this, and the other guys' schedules are also a bit surprising ^^ And then the crosstalk part while they eat yakiniku is just utter chaos XD

Also I made a twitter recently (@lydiagrace0626) so if you're on there, let's be friends and fangirl together

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[Translation] Love-tune - Potato 2016.07 crosstalk

I've been so busy this summer working, I haven't had as much time for Johnny's as I hoped ;~; Oh well. Soon I'll be less busy!
I hope you all enjoy this hilarious article as much as I did~ I love that Keigo brought up how the height of his ears is different because I remember reading about that literally five years ago! Does that mean my けいご愛 is strong? xD ♥

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[Translation] Love-tune - Wink Up 2016.06 crosstalk + Johnny's shop haul

I'm back~^^ When I was in Tokyo (with kokiluv25) I went to the official Johnny's shop!!!! I wanted to buy all of Keigo's shop pics, they were so gorgeous ♥ *-* But here's what I decided to buy, some official pics (of Kami-chan too) and a tiny bit of unofficial stuff. I got back from Japan about a week ago and now it's summer break, so I'll finally have more time for Love-tune♥

So here's a recent crosstalk! I chose it because they talk about Keigo basically the whole time, which I love xD♥ Also, I guess Love-tune has member colors now, so I'll color code their talks like that now ^o^v
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[Translation] Love-tune 2016.05 Myojo crosstalk

I absolutely loved translating this ♥ Keigo is great at sports like swimming and stuff, so I thought he'd be good at snowboarding too... guess not XDD Love-tune just feels like a group of good friends, so their talks have a great atmosphere ^^ Hope you all enjoy this talk as much as I did ♥ (Also, Sanapi mentions twins, so how could a twin like me not love this? XD)

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[Translation] Kawashima Noeru - Jr Calendar Data 2016

Sorry for the wait~ my break from school has been so busy ;~; But I learned a bunch about Noeru from this, he's just so excited about life XD ♥

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